Andrew Kovacs

Digital designer


Andrew Kovacs

Curriculum Vitae

I’m Andrew, a designer based out of Central Brisbane with a specialization in web design & development, and a passion for all things type and brand. My exposure to a variety of fields, including mechanics, architecture and factory processes, makes design thinking an innate part of my practice. It not only makes me a versatile designer, but also provides interdisciplinary insights that can identify problems that may appear down the line.



Useful Skills




My work as a designer spans a broad range of media, with experience in digital, print, and web design. I’ve dealt personally with clients, including returning briefs as a freelance web designer, and have done intern work at Liveworm Design Studio both as a team member, and an independent designer working towards a common goal. In my work at East Coast Signs, I not only developed pre-press skills with 7 ink digital printing and plotting, but as my role developed beyond just pre-press, my skills grew to include designing vehicle wraps, and large signage, and even the ocassional installation when required.

I regularly handled inquiries, quotes, project development, billing, and managed the workflow moving from design and print to application and installation of print. My long-term accomplishments have included redeveloping the studio’s internal workflow, improving data security, bringing control of the company’s online presence in-house, and playing a role in project management, design and installation of one of ANZ’s first small business partnerships; a mobile coffee van operating in the North Brisbane area.

I've since had the pleasure of working closely with home & kitchenware company OTLink and their range of international brands, as well as their own proprietary brands. This has provided me the opportunity to work with both scientists at the cutting edge of high-tech ceramics, generational artisans specialised in crafting cutlery that will last generations more, and factories and designers who form part of the pipeline for the biggest single furniture producer on the planet. My work has significantly expanded to include product and packaging design, rapid prototyping, and a deep specialisation in Ecommerce site building, launching and management.

Through my Partnership with OTL, I've built software tools to help team members across the company, including reducing warehousing workload with stock management tools that connect with external marketplace platforms, and retailer support tools that quickly package and deploy supporting product information. I've designed, prototyped and launched dozens of products, taking on roles at all stages of the process, from art direction to producing CAD drawings for factories. I've worked to reduce not only costs, but environmental impacts through more packaging designs, material replacements, and extending the lifespan of packaging that would usually go to landfill much sooner. | Return to my gallery